450 years ago, overcoming many obstacles and suffering, a man came to this land to spread the Gospel, the message of Jesus Christ. The dazzling whiteness of this church is but a reflection of that man's purity of heart, its twin towers jutting into the sky, a hymn to his endurance.
"Sound forth, you, bells. For ages on end, keep proclaiming to the world Jesus' message of peace and happiness."

St. Fransic Xavier Memorial Church

Xavier Memorial Church was built in Yamaguchi in 1952 in honour of St. Francis Xavier, the first man to preach the Good News of Jesus Christ in Japan. The church became one of the main visiting sights in town and was widely liked by Christians and non-Christians alike. Unfortunately, it burned to ashes on Sept. 5, 1991. After that, thanks first of all to the unstinting support of the citizens of Yamaguchi and to the generosity of many other people all over the world, the present basilica was finally completed on April 29, 1998.
This memorial church, keeping alive Xavier's memories, has become a flashing beacon irradiating the joy of the Gospel not only in Yamaguchi but everywhere in Japan.

Mass Guide

Sunday --- AM 9:30 (St. Francis Xavier Memorial Church)